In order to learn about the world, you must leave your house; In order to learn about the universe, you must leave your galaxy…

Inspiration comes and goes and changes frequently depending on the subject matter I am interested in at the current moment. Presently, I am inspired by the universe. I am inspired not only by the contemplation of its massive expansion and by the magnitude of its wondrous secrets, but by our infinitesimal size in comparison. The universe is larger than any word can describe, and it must be extremely old.

While researching the universe, I think about life; its purpose and its direction. I think about energy and the soul and I think about the possibility of the transference of energy from one body to the next. The universe is constantly moving and fluctuating and exchanging energy over and over, back and forth, circling around and around. In that regard, I wonder about the idea that if the Earth and our solar system is orbiting the sun, and our entire solar system is orbiting a super-massive black-hole and a red giant mass that forms our galaxy, could it be possible that the Milky Way Galaxy, along with the other galaxies in our vicinity, are also orbiting some other gravitational force that is too big and too far away for us to see? And that mass is orbiting an even larger mass, and so on. These ideas of continuous motion and continuous layers are at the beginnings of my recent research.


Returning to Earth, I’ve begun to look at shapes that appear often in nature and the known universe and I have thus been drawn towards the sphere. The shape is somewhat rare on the small scale, appearing as a bubble, as a fruit and as a flower, but the large scale spheres are my true interest, appearing as a sun, as a planet and as a meteoroid hurling itself through space. I will additionally be looking at circles and spirals, all of which revolve around a central axis and are relatable to spheres.

By looking at these (terrestrial) forms; how they were created, their layers, the amount of time and energy used for their creation, I am looking forward to the testing phase. I intend to begin with material exploration to find specific materials that will layer and fire somewhat successively in a cone 6 firing. I will be exploring casting methods and molds to find the most appropriate way to build successful and efficient spheres. As I begin to dig deeper with my research, I foresee a gradual evolution of ideas and do not wish to speculate on the eventual size or make-up of this work.

The link below will take you to a visual representation of my inspirations for this work.

Link to Wonderful Possibilities