Design and Production: cast wood grain

So here is the third casting after I forgot to take a picture of it and I cut it apart for test tiles (and so I could see the layers on the inside, to see if there was any hidden pockets of air. Which there wasn’t) the print of the wood came out really nicely, but you can see the big air bubble in the lower right quadrant.






Here are some close-ups of the wood grain print.

I’m pretty happy with how the grain came out. I used a stiff wire brush to rough up the surface of the wood so that the varying textures would show through more. The wood itself is pretty soft which helped with bringing out the grain.


2 thoughts on “Design and Production: cast wood grain

  1. Looks great! Since the wood is soft, it might degrade after a few pressings. Here are a few links to that guy I was talking about. His name is Bryan Hopkins. His stuff was at the Clay Studio for a while. It’s incredible to hold–amazingly thin and light and translucent. He makes bisque molds of the wood so that he can use them pretty much indefinitely He uses many materials: OSB particle board, diamond plated metal, old barn planks, etc. The detail on the OSB board, in particular, is unreal. So anyway, good work! Here are some links to Bryan Hopkin’s work and process

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