Design and Production: glaze testing!!!


IMG_1132 IMG_1133

For these a tavola appetizer plates, the customer wants earthy tones, dark reds, browns, etc. so I thought I could color the casting slip with mason stains to get a orange/brown hue that would accent the color of the glaze and make the client happy. I tried two brown mason stains in different amounts to see what might look best. They looked sorta purple while green and bisqued and I was hoping the magic of ceramics would turn them brown in reduction, unfortunately, neither came out brown or orange, but a weird greeny-grey. I’ll have to go back to the drawing board and do more testing. I also want to experiment using underglazes and stains to see if I can get a good result from that instead.


One thought on “Design and Production: glaze testing!!!

  1. Mason stains tend to stay close to the color you see them thats why I like using them so I always have a close idea of what I am going to get as a finished product as I’m applying them. You might try a more concentrated amount or a bigger offering to the magic ceramic God. ;P

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