Recent stage of sculpture

039 040 041

This is where I am currently at with building my sculpture for ceramics. I still need to build her head and arms and then I can do some major refining.

Production Work

002 003 004 005

For the last few weeks, my Ceramics Design and Production class (D+P) has been going through the motions of designing tableware, barware and décor for a local eatery called A Tavola (which loosely translated means “come and get it”). They specialize in Italian cuisine and appreciate a family-esque-like atmosphere.  So these are some test tiles that I made for the class. A Tavola has a rustic Italian feel so I used brown and yellow slip and then sgraffito’d different Italian inspired motifs. I’ve recently glaze fired these test tiles and they don’t look so good. Hopefully the finished product will work out better, I’ll have to do more testing.